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Video Clip about how lease transfers work in the States.

Link to Fleet News article about finding short term car leases.

Source - BBC Top Gear Online - Friday 01 October 2004
Swap-a-Lease is a new online service allowing drivers to transfer their leases part way through. The idea is to help existing owners end their leases early without incurring termination penalties, while new owners can get their hands on high-status motors for a fraction of the normal price. It's all at www.swap-a-lease.co.uk.

Source - Times Online: Jason Dawe - Sunday Times , 05 September 2004
I have an MGTF on personal lease from a car leasing company. I am due to move abroad and would like to avoid the large early termination penalty imposed by the lease company. Can I do this?
- PM from Guildford

Transferring such contracts has been popular in America for years but has only recently become possible in this country. The online broker Swap-a-Lease claims to be the only car leasing and contract hire transfer service in the UK. The procedure is straightforward: you submit the details of your car and contract, which are advertised online where prospective buyers can check out the terms. If a buyer is found, buyer and seller pay a small handling charge for the contract to be transferred. Most leasing companies are happy for this to happen. To find out more visit www.swap-a-lease.co.uk.

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