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When a colleague told me his Mercedes was from Swap-a-Lease and he didn't have to find a deposit. I was on it like a flash.
Harry Richardson, - Your Comms

Welcome to Swap-a-Lease

Short Term Car Leases are difficult to source especially when you need a prestige model. So, whether you are seeking a deposit paid, short-term car lease or you have a surplus prestige vehicle lease - we can help!

Working with registered members Swap-a-Lease matches credit-worthy buyers with bona-fide lease sellers.

The recycled leases advertised represent an opportunity to pick up great value ZERO DEPOSIT lease and because cars are physical cars they are available immediately.

Sellers pay a one off advertising fee of just £39.99 to advertise their lease. Potential buyers register interest, ask questions and submit a credit application to the leasing company that owns the vehicle.

Over the past 7 years and with almost 16,000 registered members we have facilitated 100’s of lease transfers for individuals, fleets, leasing companies, CHO's, car dealers and leasing brokers helping to avoid clawbacks and cancellaton penalties and fees.

If you don’t see a vehicle lease you want today REGISTER for a FREE membership account, tell us what car type you want and we’ll search until we find the best match!

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Featured Lease Transfer Adverts

WHY? Several years ago we found ourselves somewhat stuck in a vehicle lease we didn’t actaully need due to changing circumstances. The early termination fees charged by the bank were excessive and we didn’t have the extra money! As it turned out [following considerable investigation] the leasing company that owned the car actually supported lease transfers, although they weren't shouting about it. They told us we just needed to find a suitable buyer, one that was equally creditworthy and when we did the transfer or novation was straightforward - it saved us a small fortune and a lot of stress! We figured other people in businesses could also be stuck with unsuitable contract hire vehicles and the associated early termination costs whenever something happened that meant their vehicle(s) became surplus to requirements.

WHAT? Swap-a-Lease is designed to enable individuals and businesses to avoid the significant costs associated with the early termination of contract hire or other lease contracts by matching them with buyers searching for low cost, deposit paid, short-term leasing deals. The adverts are placed by Leasing finance companies and brokers, Company car fleets, Franchise dealer cancelled orders, Financially distressed individuals and some new vehicle offers comprise Pre-registered, surplus, overage, end of line, run out model stock offers. We also source cancelled orders for prestige, sports and performance cars for members.

HOW? Lease sellers advertise their leases and potential [creditworthy] buyers register their interest. We charge sellers a small advertising fee £39.99 to list the lease and when a transfer is completed with the company that owns the vehicle and buyers and sellers are both happy, we charge a success fee equal to 2 months rentals. If there isn’t a suitable match at any time a member can set a 'Notify Me’ and we’ll do our best to find a match in our network.

WHO? We now have over 15,500 registered members, mainly through word of mouth, some have had multiple vehicles from us, some have transfered their leases and have moved abroad and others have been recommended by friends and family. We‘ll always do our very best to find the solution for your specific car leasing needs whether you are a seller or a buyer, register for your FREE membership today!

Please Note: Swap-a-Lease is a car lease marketing platform for connecting registered buyers with registered sellers. We are not authorised to provide financial or legal advice. We do advise all members to check all their options with the leasing company concerned and take independent motoring, legal and financial advice before making decisions concerning contract hire or other vehicle lease or vehicle hire contracts and agreements.